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Grant Mullen is an Internationally Accredited Coach, Speaker, and Author. Learn what his clients have implemented, through Grant's experienced coaching methods to consistently succeed in the tricky game of sales...

This book explains how Grant did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

The ONE secret to building consistency in your sales, and in your sales team.

How to think in a new way that will help you create raving fans, and a culture of excellence.

How you can outsell your competitors, even if you have only been in sales for five minutes!

The step-by-step system that will guarantee your business, and more importantly, your bottom line will grow instantly, upon implementing the learnings from this book. [Proven Systems]

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We have so complicated something that is not meant to be complicated. In this book Grant gets to the core of what's really going on. We don't need more tacts, strategies or metrics. What we need is to get to the WHY of what we are selling and understand that sales is ultimately about leadership. Leading people from problem to solution. I'm always looking for sales resources to help my clients and this will now be a core resource. Thanks Grant. 

Jo Muirhead 

[Chief Life Changer at Jo Muirhead]

"Confronting at times, Grant says what most coaches or sales experts can’t or won’t say – at its core heroic sales isn’t about saying the right words, a process or ninja sales tactics – though it’s got all that. At its core heroic sales is about AUTHENTICITY. Paradoxically, heroic sales begin with YOU, not the prospect. This book compels a deep internal dive into your authenticity and genuine desire to care for the client and add value. Only then can you truly be great at sales."

Andrew Abel

[Equipping Enterprising Lawyers at Legal Practice Blueprint]

"A Brilliant Read !! It felt like I was taken on a complete and captivating journey and I cannot thank you enough for having brought sales to life; whilst it was entertaining, it was also confronting, and challenging at times and I really enjoyed the raw and honest account and your wonderful sense of humour. I cannot wait to Integrate and Blend to Multiply and Grow. Thank you Super Sales Coach " 

Dr. Natalie Green

[Mindset Strategist]


Grant Mullen is a Human Behavioral Specialist, Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. He has been helping business owners to achieve personal, and business growth since 2003. Grant has an "out of the box" way of thinking, and producing results for his clients, and there is nobody who comes close to matching his passion, and knowledge when it comes to sales. Grant lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Gaynor, and his two teenage children. Grant has a background in the corporate world, as well as the creative arts. Grant has worked with a diverse range of industries, including Major Banks, Fitness Franchises, Military, Retail, Government, Not For Profit, Religious Groups, SME, B2B, Coaches, Authors, and even X-Factor contestants!

You will feel Grant's passion leap from the page...

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