Very intelligent people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an amazing business, just to let it go off, become a business failure!

Well howdy guys, Grant here, I spoke earlier, well actually I put in a Facebook update earlier, put a picture of a banana and a few people commented on that and said “Don’t eat it”. A few people were concerned that maybe my bananas had gone bad because the banana had gone black in the picture. And I don’t know what it’s like for you in your house, where you’re at, but every once in a while Gaynor, my wife or me will buy some fresh fruit, some fresh produce and it’s normally bananas and we buy them with the best intentions of eating them. We go to the supermarket or the grocer, and we grab the best, best-looking bananas that we can get. You don’t want to get the ones that are a bit yellow, we always buy the ones that are mostly yellow but sort of a bit green right? Brendan’s putting in pictures of bananas there, thanks Brendan. It’s good to see Brendan De Salis, he’s a good mate of mine.

So here we are, we’re buying these bananas and we bring them home and we put them in the fruit bowl where we have the intention to eat them and maybe we have a couple of them and we maybe make some smoothies out of them or maybe we eat them or however we have them. But we buy like 10 bananas and we eat maybe 5 bananas and the rest of the bananas they end up going black and then we’ll maybe make some banana bread out of them or 3 or 4 of them will go in the trash. The same can be said for some strawberries that my wife threw out the other day that my daughter found in the fridge and she said “Mum, the strawberries have gone mouldy”.

We buy these things with the best intention. You don’t buy stuff in order to just throw it in the trash, right? Give me a thumbs up if you think that’s right, you don’t go out and buy stuff just to throw it in the trash, thumbs up. If you’re on your mobile phone, just down the bottom you’ll see the little, just where you put the comments in. I see 1 thumbs up, give me a whole heap of them. If you think that you buy fruit just for it to go off, people would say you’re a bit crazy.

Yet, and here’s the yet. Very intelligent people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an amazing business, just to let it go off, become a business failure. Just to let it sit there and rot. They don’t eat it “metaphorically” when it’s at it’s best. They let it sit there and fester until it’s either, no good to anybody, until you can only make a bit of banana bread out of it, or until it has to be thrown in the trash. Am I right?

Am I right? Or am I talking a load of crap? If I’m talking a load of crap, then why do I see so many businesses closing down? So many business failures. Why do I see so many people doing it hard? Why do I see so many people just ignoring the best fruits in their business? And what are they doing about it?

So I went out yesterday, into Hobart, because I couldn’t get on an airplane and go anywhere else, if I could I would. And I went from business to business and I went around to about 20 to 30 businesses. And I said would you like a free gift, can I help you? I coach and train businesses all over Australia, I’m contracted to some of Australia’s biggest franchises and I help people make hundreds of thousands of dollars, here’s some examples of that, let me give you something worth about $2,500, let me give it to you for nothing.

And what do you think they said? Do you think they hugged me and said thank you? Nah. They all said what I expected they’d say and they proved me unfortunately right. They said Nah, we’ll be right. We’re happy to just let our bananas rot in the bowl. It doesn’t mean I’m going to give up putting it in front of people, but I need your help.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to give up putting it in front of people, but I need your help. If you think that you’ve seen somebody doing this and their bananas are rotting in the bowl, their business is perhaps not doing what it should be doing or could be doing, share this video. There’s a link in the title, above, below, wherever it turns up. And that link will take you through to a FREE 3-week masterclass, in that 3-week masterclass I teach the 3 biggest things that every business owner has to know in order to survive. Not just survive, thrive. Grow. Develop. So that you have the freedom that you want, the money that you want, and perhaps the meaning back into your business, that you deserve.

So, thank you Brendan, I’m going to give you a thumbs up, Brendan said thanks for all you do mate. I appreciate it. Chris Hennessey said Looking forward to seeing your presentation at the Step into Life conference this weekend. Step into Life is one of the franchises that contracts me to come and help their franchisees to get more money, meaning and freedom in their life. And it’s a privilege, pleasure to do it. Other major, multinational companies are hiring me day after day, after day, more and more people are getting this.

If you want this 3-week masterclass, click the link. Also as soon as you click it, and put your details in, I send you an E-Copy of my latest book Heroic Sales, if you don’t already have it. I don’t know what else to do. Share it, Like it. Guys, if you know somebody share it with them directly to their inbox, tag them, whatever you want. If you have any requests, something special you’d like me to talk about to help you in your business, I will, let me know. I’d like to see more than 6 people or 8 people on these videos, so go ahead and share it, more people need to know about this. I’m out.

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