How you change your outcome and it starts with your neck-top computer. It starts with your thinking. And here’s how it works. You’ve got your conscious brain; you’ve got your unconscious brain.

Hey, it’s Grant here. Wow, I’ve had a huge day. Started off this morning quite early; been talking with a whole bunch of clients. Just had a meeting with my business team. Awesome. You know if you’ve been following me for a while, that I talk about how you think. How you change your outcome by how you think and so on. A lot of you do it, some of you do it better than others, and some of you ignore it. I don’t know; which one are you? Put it in the comments below. But if you tuned in right now, thanks. It’s good to see you.

What do I do? Well I help people to enjoy their lives. I help people to have a better outcome in their businesses.  More than anything, I teach people how to be courageous, and I teach people how to sell. And if that’s you, you want to learn more about that then tune into my stuff. We’ve got a new website coming soon, where it’s going to be like a whole bunch different TV channels. You’ve going to be able to get some nuts, crazy, awesome, amazing  stuff free.

We were talking about how you change your outcome and it starts with your neck-top computer. It starts with your thinking. And here’s how it works. You’ve got your conscious brain; you’ve got your unconscious brain, ok? Your unconscious brain is kind of like a 5 year old. It’s pretty hyper. It does about 4 billion activities a second. You can’t switch it off. It’s always going. Constantly. Then you’ve got your conscious mind, alright? Every second there’s about between 10,000 and 100,000 bits of information coming at you and your conscious brain filters a whole bunch of stuff out. So it can only take 168, around about bits of information per second. Right? So out of that 10,000 to 100,000 it can only take in 168. Which means you’re blocking out a whole bunch of stuff. Out of that 168, chunks it down, gives you about 5 (+/-2) bits of information.

What does that mean? It means you delete, distort, and generalise a whole bunch of stuff. That means your filters that you’ve created in your life, your rules that you’ve created in your life are blocking out a whole bunch of good stuff. That means you’re seeing things through your rules, through your filters. But your unconscious mind, takes in everything. Everything from this video now, to everything around you. And you’re only paying attention to what you want to pay attention to, based on your rules, based on your filters. So how do you change all this? Well you’ve have to change your rules to change your life. And your rules start up here with your thoughts. You might hate some things or you might have talked yourself into or out of certain things. You might have always had this certain way about you. Or you might have generationally believed in one thing or believed in another. Told yourself one thing, or told yourself another. The thing is, you have the power to change that right now. Most of the people that tune into this, you’re in business for yourself. You’re selling something. Your bank account looks a certain way, your history looks a certain way. You’ve always done things a certain way.

Well I want to tell you today that you can change. And it all starts with decisions. So these decisions happen up in your head, obviously. But, they don’t happen in your brain, they happen in your mind. And your mind can affect your brain. So every time you change your mind on something, your brain changes.

So my encouragement to you right now, is if your life isn’t looking like you want it to look, change your mind on it. Decide to have your life looking a very different way. And if you can change the way that you set your bunch of rules about how you live your life – you might have a rule about how you look. You might tell yourself that you’re not able to do something. You might tell yourself you’re not worthy to do something. You might tell yourself to take a backseat – change your mind on that. If you’re not getting the outcome you want, you’ve got to change your mind.

You know, the rules that you’ve set for your life, affect everything – the way you see everything around you. You might be looking and say well, Grant’s walking along, and I wish he kept his camera still… I wish this… I wish this… but, why don’t you focus on what I’m saying in this message? Why don’t you focus on what you need to change so that you can have a better quality life? If you change your mind on something, you’ll change the perspective with which you see things. You’ll change the rules. You’ll change the filters.

The more you change your mind, you change your brain. Just like I’m walking along now; I’m walking along a dirt path. Every time you create a new thought, you create a new small dirt path. The more you travel along this path, the more well-worn it becomes in your mind. It’s a neuro-pathway. The more you travel along that road, the more that road becomes paved. And the more paved it becomes, the wider it becomes, and the more neurons can fire in your brain. The more neurons that fire in your brain, the stronger that thought becomes.

Now, you can have a healthy thought that you keep thinking that’s going to get you what you want. Or you can have a dirty thought that you keep thinking that’s going to get you more of what you don’t want. Those thoughts sound like, thoughts that you put yourself down with or thoughts that aren’t going to get you where you want to go, or keep you limited, and keep you stuck. And if that’s you, I’m here to tell you today you can change your mind, and change your brain, and change your thoughts. From your thoughts come your actions. From your actions come your results. From your results come your environment. And from your environment, you get to have a whole new bunch of thoughts.

So if that’s you today, if I’m talking to you today, be encouraged you can change your thoughts right now. Change your life. If you have any questions, if you want to know any more about this

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