Super Hero Sales Masterclass…

Who is This For?

This bespoke training day is designed with a team of 10 – 250 in mind, and it is a LOT of fun.  We have added the element of fun, to help your team remember the content more easily, and increase the desire for them to implement.

You are a team that is ready for change, but not quite sure how to get it.  You want to make more sales, and you have been weakened by circumstances that seem like they are beyond your control [for now].  You, and your team are stronger than you think.  It’s time to reveal your true [hidden] power.

You have tried [it seems] almost everything to get your sales team working more effectively, and try as you might, you just can’t get that last bit of spark that you are looking for.  You want your team to become Self Empowered, and to work well together.  You want strong individuals, as well as a cohesive team.  Sounds a bit like “The Avengers”  or “Justice League” doesn’t it?

You want a Sales Training that your team will remember forever, not just another boring 60 year old “expert” telling you how he used to sell typewriters, and now he can make your teams into “TopGun” sales people.

You want to learn from a Sales Trainer that is still making sales, and knows what it takes to reveal the hidden power within your team.

You want Super Hero Sales Training.

Why Is This Training Important?


Your Sales Team is Your Front Line

No mater how much money your company invests in marketing, advertising, and product development, your sales will not go anywhere of significance if your sales team is not equipped, and uniform in their technique.

Many a time I have witnessed poorly trained, and under equipped sales people ruin a sale, lose a life long client, or scare away potential buyers simply because they lacked the basic training to be who they need to be in the field.

Sure!  You have some great tools, and some wonderful strategies that have served you well up until now, but it seems that for some reason, the sales are not happening the way they used to.  Your product is still amazing, and there is a need for what you sell in the marketplace, but the growth in sales just isn’t there anymore, and it’s you who feels the pressure.

Super Hero Sales is more than just a fun, full day, immersive workshop, it’s truly a masterclass in human behaviour, emotional intelligence, leadership, team building, and sales excellence.

What is Involved?



Your Sales Team = Your Future.
When you choose to invest in your team, and you feed them the right way, just like a star athlete, they will perform at a much higher level.

We require access to a few key pieces of information before we begin training your team.

We will need to know about what you sell, who your key market is, and what your sales targets look like.  We will need to know where you, and the team believe you are at right now, and where you would like to go.  Why do we need to know all of this?  Well… quite simply, we like to be accountable for what we teach, how we train, and where we take your staff.  Every story has a beginning, middle, and end.  We also value the hard work you have put in up until now, and we choose to honour that.

Super Sales follows Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth [The Hero’s Journey] quite closely, and this is useful for you to know, as there is quite a bit of information online should you feel the need to research.  We have combined the Hero’s Journey with DISC profiling, NLP, Satir, and Pease Body Language, Goal Setting, and Emotional Intelligence.

We meet your sales team in their ordinary world, and we call them to adventure!  It is here that they will find out the hidden superpower that they have within, and they will be given their outfit [cape] to wear.

In group [breakout] sessions, the team will learn about the challenges, and temptations that they are to overcome, as their new life as a hero begins to emerge.

Your team will go into battle against real world enemies [role plays – even though everyone hates them] in an engaging way that will generate emotional, and neurological anchors for them when they return to their real world environment.

There is a little bit of pre-work to do from your end, and a whole lot from ours, so we will need to make sure that you are booked for this masterclass at least one month in advance from your desired date.

This is a portable masterclass, and can be delivered anywhere in the world by our trainers.

Your team will receive take home, high quality workbooks as well as a certificate of completion, a high res photo of themselves as a superhero, and their “secret identity” lanyard.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee should you not find this masterclass valuable.

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