Think of the top performing individuals in your world and indeed in THE world…  Do you think they got there by accident?  NO!!  They got there because they work harder than you and they are doing it better than you.  They are mopping the floor with you.

You have not made it yet for one of three reasons:

Either you are lazy, you just started or you don’t know how to be disciplined.  There is no other reason.

Here is my list of 20 disciplines [not mentioned in this video]

  1. Know Who You Are
  2. Know Who You Help
  3. Know what You Can Do
  4. Make Plans
  5. Shut Down Distractions
  6. Practice Hard
  7. Turn Up More Often Than Anyone Else
  8. Do Not Do it Alone
  9. Remember Why You Started
  10. Turn Off Distractions
  11. No Excuses
  12. Comfort is a Cancer
  13. Your Thoughts Will LIE to You – Good and Bad
  14. God is BIGGER than Your Problems
  15. Focus
  16. Passion needs Patience, Patience needs Passion
  17. Others Do NOT want you to Succeed beyond them
  18. No Risk = No Reward
  19. You are NOT your past
  20. Consistency, Content, Communication and Clarity are KING

Let’s hear yours…

Video Transcription:

Hi, it’s Grant here. What sort of habits to win as a salesperson? We’re going to talk about that today. Stay tuned.

Hi, it’s Grant here and today we’re talking about disciplines. We’re talking about daily disciplines on how you can become more effective. You know, there’s nothing worse than doing something that works, and then forgetting to do it, and then you don’t get the results, and then you wonder why, and then you remember that you used to do stuff that worked and then you got to start doing it all over again. It’s kind of like people that stopped going to the gym and then they put on a few kilos and then they remember that going to the gym is actually good for them. For me, that’s probably happened more times than I’d care to remember. But in the sales environment, I know what it’s like when you forget the daily discipline, when you forget the things that are good for you. So why don’t you put in the comments below what are your daily disciplines? What are the things that work for you? I’d love to hear some of the things that you’re doing right now that work for you on a daily basis. And for me, it’s accurate note-taking and I don’t know about you but I love to take accurate notes so that I’d remember the next time seeing that person, client, prospect, or whatever it is, that I’m going to have accurate notes and puts me back in the moment again. What’s your daily discipline? I’d love to hear from you.

The other thing is I want you to be able to choose this habit, whatever you’ve got, choose this discipline wisely. Don’t be doing something over and over again that’s just not working for you, and it’s not giving you productive results. If you got something that’s just taking your time and it’s really not working out for you, why don’t you go ahead and ditch that. If it’s not working and if it’s not getting you results, why would you do it? It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever and the more you ditch, the more time you’ve got and the freer your headspace is going to be as well. That’s going to give you more courage, more certainty, more clarity, more vision, more scope, more direction, more space, and you can be more productive.

And the last thing is I want to help you remember to keep yourself accountable to a higher power. What I mean is this: If you’re a lone gardener or a lone wolf and a lot of good sales people are and that might even be you, if you are one of these people, make sure that you’re accountable to someone so that your daily habits and your daily disciplines, you’re not just accountable to yourself because you know what? When you’re just accountable to yourself, you’re going to let yourself get away with stuff, and probably isn’t good for you.

So again, I want to hear from you in the comments section below. What are some of the habits that you do daily? How are you accountable to other people? And what habits do you choose to ditch and what habits have you gotten rid of that really haven’t worked for you. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Go ahead and put your details in there. If you would like a copy of the first five chapters of my new book, “Courageous Sales Mastery”, I’d love to hear from you as well. Go ahead, let me know you’d like the book. Click the link that will be provided for you on this page and I’ll from you really soon. All the best. Sell with courage. Bye for now.