You might not like sales, but if you don’t embrace it – you will sink.

Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome back to Business Breakthrough! Let’s talk about the S word.


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Today’s video is a chance for you, again, this week, to get a free copy of my new ebook. Today, we’re talking about sales. So, it’s the last page here in the book, second last actually. There’s not enough time in this week’s videos to talk about all of the book, but today, we’re talking about sales.


Now, I quite literally wrote the book on sales. This is my other book, one of my other books, called Heroic Sales, you can get that on my website. The link’s in the description below. But today, let’s talk about your business and let’s talk about sales. And where are you even at with sales?


You know, most people talk about sales like it’s a dirty word. I remember what that was like. Way back when, I used to have a hero job, and it was a great job. I was the technical advisor for L’Oreal Professional, which is the hair care division for L’Oreal Australia. It was really cool. I fought for that job. I worked really, really hard to get it, and it was, quite literally, a hero job. You just got to hang out all day and train hairdressers in the chemical and biological aspects of the colour mixing and so on. It was a bloody good job.


Anyway, I was offered a sales job about, I don’t know, 10 months into that job. And I’m like, “No way!” I don’t want to be a salesman. Salesman, they’re sleazy and I don’t want to be one of those. And we were kind of tainted by our experience of salespeople. Here’s what I imagined. I imagined that guy in the car yard that sort of walks across you really slowly, trying to not make eye contact, and then he gets to you and says, “How you going, mate? You’re just looking today, are you? Would you be interested in buying a car, would you?” And maybe that’s just my experience. You know those guys I’m talking about. It just puts you off. Or the real estate salespeople. And no offense, you’re probably great if you’re a real estate salesperson, but a lot of real estate salespeople, you know what I’m talking about.


So, there’s this whole sort of tainted version of sales. But here’s what sales really is. Sales is service, and service is sales. So, sales is also the life blood of your business. You’d be screwed if you didn’t have sales in your business. So, it’s kind of like you want it and you’re happy when they come, but you don’t want to be the salesperson, but you have to be. In order to be great in business, you have to be the salesperson, and there is a process to it, and it’s cool. It’s kind of fun once you understand the process to it.


So, here’s what happens, right? These people get up in the morning, normally, and they make decisions. And every single one of those decisions is what’s led to the last sale you just got. It was one person making a whole bunch of decisions that led to them saying yes to you. Most people that have a business, the reason that they’re not successful is because they will talk people out of a sale or they don’t know how to make a sale. Sales is, seriously, the easiest thing in the world. Because of all those decisions, because there’s a series of those decisions, that’s what makes the sale easy. You just need to understand those decisions and how, if you need to, to backtrack one decision and then bring them forward again.


So, here’s how it goes. People get up in the morning. They make a whole bunch of decisions. They have breakfast, they have coffee, they have tea, they have whatever. Then they get dressed and they’re making a whole bunch of decisions on that. Do I do my hair or a hat? Do I put on a tie today or a jacket, or do I just leave the house in a T-shirt? And they make a whole bunch of other decisions. Then, which way do I go in traffic? Which way do I go to avoid traffic? And all those. Where do I park the car?


They’ve driven past a bunch of your competitors to get to you, but they’ve made a decision to get to you. Now, this is if you’re in a retail business or a service-based business where you’ve got a shop. If not, if you’re online, it’s even worse because not only have they had to make all those other decisions, except for the car one, but they’re clicking past other businesses. They’re clicking past them. Do you know how easy it is to navigate a mouse like, I don’t know, 20 centimetres on a screen and ignore you completely? So, if you’re an online business as well, this is relevant for you. The only thing you can do next is talk that person out of the business.


Now, you can have this process automated or you can do it in person, but it’s really, really quite simple. You can go back a few videos. Go back to Monday’s video, understand your market. Tuesday’s video, understand who you’re attracting. Wednesday’s video and Thursday’s video and so on. And by the time you got to today’s video, you need to have understood all those other processes, which is all the processes that are in this ebook that I’ve told you about at the start of the video.


So, once you’ve understood those processes, then you need to understand that the client has some fears and frustrations, and they have some wants and aspirations. It’s your job to talk to them about it. “What? Talk to them? Why would I want to do that?” Most salespeople are just quite happy to let people go and make their own decisions, but don’t do that. Help someone today. And if they give you the, “I don’t know, mate. I’m just looking. She’ll be all right. Not interested,” or whatever, it’s not true. They’re there for a reason today, so rather than being pushy or sleazy or any of those things you’re afraid of because, by the way, what you focus on is what you’ll get more of. Understand them, talk to them, help them, find out what they’re interested in, find out what brings them in today, find out what they’re looking for, and just help them. Point them towards it. Help them to try it on. They might not look like they want more help, but they actually want more help.


So, whatever business you’re in, if you’ve got people that are around the edges and they’re circling around, I get it in my business as well. And by the way, I don’t have a retail store, but if you’re a business that has a front desk and you’ve got staff hiding behind the front desk, get an axe, smash the front desk, set fire to it, and make your staff go out and meet with customers. I’m right. I know I’m right, and plenty of people who are in business right now will back me up and tell me that I’m right.


So, if you’re a business owner and you have a front desk and you have staff accumulating behind it, there are like 11 good reasons to not have that front desk there. Get rid of it. At worst, ask yourself this question, “Why have you got it?” The front desk is in the way of your sales. The front desk is in the way of the process.


But I’m not here to bang on about the front desk. It’s that blockage, all right? It’s stopping your staff, it’s stopping you from going out and helping the person that’s made that series of decisions today, because here’s their next decision if you don’t help them, and it’s going to be to go to your competitor or not buy from you at all, and that’s one more sale that you didn’t get today. There is a finesse to this. I want to talk to you about how to make it work for your business, and I’ll be running a webinar on this very soon.


So, make sure you get my ebook today because everyone that gets the ebook will get an invitation to the webinar, which will also be completely free. I want to help you sell more and have more productive and fruitful business so you can have more freedom in your life.


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