Do you want to establish a business identity where people are going to be drawn to you and your business?

Hi guys, Grant here, it’s a bit noisy behind me. What I’m talking to you about today is your business identity. What happens if you don’t fully establish it? Well in behind me here is a closed down site it’s one of the biggest sites in our CBD and it’s the Myer site and what’s happened here for the second time in the last decade is the Myer site has closed down because a good portion of it has fallen into the Hobart rivulet.

So why is it important to be talking about this? Well, far too many businesses that I’m speaking to right now have developed a what you call a Me Too brand. So there’s two types of businesses that you can be. You can either be a Destination business just like Myer is behind me there or you can be a Me Too business. And the Me Too businesses are the businesses you might have that rely on other businesses being successful for you to be successful. Good examples of that are other businesses in shopping centres that rely on Coles and Woolworths that rely on other kinds of businesses to be successful in order for them to be successful. There are, sorry there’s a whole bunch of people walking past just now.

So there’s those types of business there called Me Too then there’s the Destination businesses. Destination businesses are those businesses that make people get up and wake up out of their comas to come to because they know that they need what you have and Myer is a good example of this. Now far too many businesses certainly in this CBD have relied too much on a destination business and that destination business is Myer. They haven’t established their own identity and they haven’t established why people should wake up out of their comas and come to their businesses and the problem now is that we’ve got a very dead CBD there’s a whole bunch of business owners struggling and saying why is this happening to me? You might find this happens in your business as well, if you haven’t established a clear enough identity and you don’t know how to do that because maybe it’s a situation to do with the current level of economics it might be a government decision or something else you might find that your business is suffering because you’re not a Destination business you’re a Me Too.

So how do you establish it?  Well below this video there’s a link and this link goes to a 3-week course that I’ve established and it’s my 3-week master class. It’s my irrefutable lessons of small business multiplication master class and I would love you to have it. The first week is going to teach you how to not get into the same situation that all the businesses here. Have a look at this I’ve got to stand in the middle of the road here.

Do you want to be in this situation? Or do you want to establish an identity where people are going to be drawn to you and your business? Do you want to be at the mercy of what’s happening in your environment? Or do you want to be in charge of what’s happening in your business? If you want to be in charge of what’s happening in your business type the words “In Charge” in the box below. Click the link in the description for this video go grab the master class like this share it with your friends. Or you could end up just like all the businesses around here scratching their heads wondering what they’re going to do next now that this destination site has been closed down. Go grab the master class now I’ll see you inside.

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