Why don’t you go back and look at your existing customer base and make sure that everybody that’s in your list is utilising everything that you have to offer?

Hey guys, for those of you that I don’t know or maybe you haven’t met me yet, my name is Grant. I travel all over Australia and how I have broken into the United States as well – well, I didn’t break in I was asked in –and I teach people how to sell. Apart from that, I teach small business owners how they can build their wealth as well.

Today, I’m going to show you a simple one page formula. Why I’m showing you this? Far too many people that I’ve been talking to lately, have been spending a lot of money trying to get new clients.
There’s 4 quadrants: there’s existing clients, there’s new clients, existing products, and new products. So there’s 4 kinds of things that we’re trying to attract into our business. True? Alright, so we’ve got existing clients, and we always want to keep our existing clients. And that’s true. And we have new clients, we always want to get new clients.

We want to attract new clients into our business and that’s true. We have existing products or services that we want to have more of in our business and spend more time and money getting people into that. And also we have new products and services that we want to get people involved in. So that’s all fair to say.

So I’ve put them in a quadrant. Alrighty? So existing clients and existing products, existing clients and new products, we’ve got new clients and existing products, and we’ve got new clients and new products. Where do you put your focus? Well, at the top here I have put time saved, and time spent. Money spent over here, money saved over here. Alright? There’s really not a lot of point, I think, in putting a whole bunch of money into attracting a whole bunch of new people into a whole bunch of new stuff when you can quite simply get existing people using your existing products more effectively.

I’m always amazed at this. You might have seen my Facebook post yesterday, and if you haven’t, if you don’t follow me and my Facebook posts go back and have a look. Yesterday, this terrible customer service I received. I’m a fan of getting treated really, really well because I treat you guys really, really well. And I expect a really high level of service back, and I’m sure you do as well. Just tell me if you like really great service. I’d love to know that I’m not the only person. If you like great service, just say yes I like great service in the comments.

Where do you spend your money? Number one. Right here. Existing clients with existing products. Why don’t you go back and look at your existing customer base and make sure that everybody that’s in your list is utilising everything that you have to offer? If everybody that’s in your list isn’t utilising everything that you have to offer, well you’ve got some opportunity. Those gaps are opportunity for you to make some easy, easy money. Because you’ve got some existing people who already know you, like you and trust you, coming to a product that’s already got a reputation, already has a testimony, and already has some support behind it. Existing clients enter your existing products. It’s really easy when you think about it.

At the moment we have a target of 95% for our existing clients to be in our existing products. And we’re not hitting our targets yet, but we’re pretty close. We are at 87%, which isn’t too bad. So that’s 87% of everybody that I work with, is in 1, or 2, or 3 of the products that we have to offer. And that’s pretty cool. So I wonder what your statistics are like. How many of your existing clients are utilizing everything that you offer. So that’s number 1.

So what’s step two? Step two is you want to save a bit more time, but you’ve got to spend a little bit of money. Or maybe you’ve got to spend a little bit of time. And that’s to get your existing clients into a new product. So how do you do this? Well this is just a matter of clear, consistent communication. You’ve already got people who trust you, know you, and like you. People who already know you, like you, and trust you. And maybe you have a new offering for them. So it’s really easy to go back out to them, maybe it’s a phone call, a YouTube video, a Facebook post, email. A combination of all of those things. Go back to those people, and tell them ‘hey you know what, you really liked XYZ product, you’ve been in that a while, utilizing that for a while, you’ve been purchasing from me for a while, maybe you’d like ABC product as well.’

So what do most people do though? Well most people operate below this line. They operate down here, where they are spending more money and using more time.Thanks for the likes and love guys, keep it coming, it’s awesome.

So they are trying to attract – this probably isn’t new, but you probably know people that are like this right? They’re trying to attract new clients into their existing products. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s probably the next logical step after you’ve got all of your existing clients into your existing product, number one. Then you get all of your existing clients into your new products, or your new offering, or your new service, or whatever it is that you’re doing. Whatever industry you’re in, maybe type your industry in. As well, if you have any questions, if you’re in an industry where you think this can’t happen I’ll answer your questions for you, and that’s cool too.

But here’s where the big mistakes happen. I wish I had a… well I do have another color pen. Why don’t we circle this in a different color? Thumbs up for blue, love hearts for green. What are we gonna go with? Who cares, let’s go with blue.

Here’s what most businesses are doing. They’re trying to bring in new clients into new products, and they’re ignoring the fact that they’ve got all these existing clients that know them, like them, love them, and trust them and they’re trying to bring new clients into their offer all the time. It’s really expensive.

So where are you at? Are you spending most of your time trying to attract new people into your business, when you could be loving your existing client base a whole bunch much more? Are you too afraid to pick up the phone and say how are you? What are you loving about what we’re doing at the moment? What are you liking? Do you have a community like I do in my business where you can be in touch with your existing clients every single day, where there’s something new that you’re offering just at the click of a button, you can just shoot out a message?

So where are you at? Are you spending your time trying to attract new people? So if you’re a business owner and you’ve got staff and you’re not training your team to love your clients, and bring more love to existing business, then you’re throwing money out the window. It’s like having a teenage daughter, you’re throwing money out the window all the time. I know I’m well qualified to say that. I want to encourage you today, be in touch today tomorrow and the next day with your existing client base. I want you to go to them and start to tell them what you already offer. Don’t go tell them all the new stuff. Tell them what you already offer. Tell them what they’re buying. Even just thank them for what they’re already purchasing. It goes a long way.

Number two, go to those existing clients and tell them about something that they don’t already purchase and do that within the next 7-10 days. After that, then you have my permission to go speak to some friends of friends, maybe ask for some referral. You can get some referral from the existing clients to get some friends of friends into a new list or a new database for some existing products. And then if you really have to go out and get new clients and go into a new market to get new products into new hands then that’s cool too. But do it in that sort of order. You’ll find your business thrives more easily. You’ll be more effective. You’ll have more money for longer. And you won’t be throwing good money after bad.

If you have any questions at all, leave them below.That’s it for now. All the best. God bless.

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