Sales should not be complicated at all, in fact… when it is done well it can be quite enjoyable.


Watch this video to find out how you can make sales an elegant part of your everyday conversations in business.

Video Transcription:

Good day and welcome back! So many of you have inboxed me on Facebook and written me emails, asking me to just make sales a simpler conversation. So today, that’s what I’m going to do.


Hi and welcome back! Let’s have a look at sales in the most simple way possible, okay? Sales is really just a relationship built on trust, okay? If you have an attitude, so this is where attitude and sales go well together, you can have every sort of complicated system that you want, and there are a billion books on sales that have been written, including Heroic Sales, which I wrote myself, but it’s just so simple. It’s a conversation built on trust.


If people can discover that you, right now, can help them with their right-now problem or their past problem or their future imagined problem, okay, and whatever it is that you have to sell, whether it’s an actual object or if it’s a thought or if it’s a concept or if it’s a product or service or anything at all, whatever you do, if you can help people to remove their biggest imagined or very real frustration, and you’ve put that information in front of them, which is marketing, and you help them to understand how they can trust you and understand your content through a conversation, then sales is easy.


All you need to then do is love the person in front of you, knowing that they’ve chosen to come to you because they know you and like you and trust you, and they have decided today to use you as the person that will remove that frustration or fear or whatever’s in front of them and help them to have some more freedom and happiness in their life. What they’re doing is they’re exchanging the removal of that fear and frustration and putting themselves in the imagined space where they’ll be happier with what you’ve given then, and they’re exchanging that space there for the money that you’re asking.


So, here’s what I don’t want you to do. Please don’t make it about the money. Don’t discount your stuff to bring people in. Don’t use sleazy salesy techniques that are a bit yuck. Just help people. Be useful in their lives, and put those useful, helpful tools and strategies right in front of the people who will use them.


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