How do You Keep Smiling when it’s tough? Well, it takes a certain level of discipline to do that!

When you feed the 3 beasts of blame, excuse and denial then they get stronger. The three angels of accountability, ownership and responsibility will save you from pain every time!

Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome back. It’s Grant here. And you know, I went through some old YouTube videos the other day from one of my old channels and found one of my most popular videos to date and today, I’m going to talk to you about that.

Oh hi, it’s Grant here. And as I’ve always thought, content equals marketing. And it’s surprising that when you go back and look at some of your old marketing and some of your old content, and how relevant it still is. I did a video years ago called “Above the Line and Below the Line Thinking” and I’ve re-recorded that in many different ways and many different formats, and I still teach it today. That Above the Line and Below the Line Thinking video I did about five years ago has just got thousands and thousands and thousands of views just by sitting there. So I want to talk to you today a little bit about the content of that video and also a little bit about hopefully inspiring you to do some more relevant marketing.

So in your business, you’ve got whatever it is that you sell and you’ve got whatever it is that you do. But I wonder if the message that you’re putting out to the marketplace is relevant to them of if it’s relevant to you. See, in the Above the Line and Below the Line Thinking video that I taught, and again, even in this current series of Business Breakthrough, you can go back to, I think, it’s video six or eight or somewhere around there, and I talk about it there. You’ll see the title slide as it goes O-A-R-B-E-D. O-A-R is “Above the Line”, B-E-D is “Below the Line.” It’s a “blame, excuse and denial” is below the line, and “ownership, accountability and responsibility” is above the line. It’s an above the line thinking that helps us to progress and move forward. In other words, grab the oars over our stuff, take accountability for our actions and results, and take responsibility, again, for our actions and results so we don’t blame other people or blame the economy or blame your coach or blame your co-workers or blame anyone, really. Blame is yuck. Making excuses—excuses are what adults call reasons, right? So there’s no excuse, and denial, which is like, you know, not my responsibility, doesn’t happen to me, or whatever it is or this sort of thing never happens here. You can go back and see the longer video on that but here’s what I’m talking to you about. It’s putting that quality content out in your business that might just sit there for years and years and years. But people will eventually come and see it. You see, if you give up too quickly and you want instant results and you are seeking that instant gratification for whatever content marketing you’re putting out, then you’re doing blame, excuse and denial. You’re doing below the line thinking and that’s just going to suck. So ownership, accountability, responsibility. Create some great content marketing, put it out there, let thousands of people come to it, let thousands of people see it over time. But be patient with yourself. Know that you’ve got to continue to put content out for people to see it over the course of weeks, years, or months. You can’t do a video and expect it to go viral overnight. I watched the Top 20 videos on YouTube or a video about the Top 2o videos on YouTube just the other day, and, you know, we got “Gangnam Style” is number one, and Katy Perry, it was a music video, a music video, a music video, a music video. So if you’re a music video recording artist and you want to be number one ranked on YouTube in the world and have a whole bunch of hits and likes, then yeah, you might do it. But if you are a normal business owner and you’re using YouTube or any music platform as your content marketing, then you’ve got to keep putting content out, own it, take accountability and responsibility for it, and don’t do blame, excuse and denial. Don’t be saying things like, “Oh, I keep doing it. I’m not getting results. I keep doing it, I’m not getting the likes.” Focus, be disciplined, and get those results. But let me help you just one more step further before you go. Grab a copy of this e-book that you’re seeing right here. The link is in the description below. Why? It’s only six pages. It’s going to help you to take some of these next steps. I want you to have it. It’s completely free. When you grab it, I’ll be sending you an invitation in the next couple of weeks to come to a free online seminar that I’ll be doing. It’s called a webinar. You’re probably familiar with them, and I’ve only got 100 seats there. I’d love you to have it. As you can see, I get about 500-600 views on my videos per week so you want to get it fast, alright? So if you think you might like to come to a seminar with me that’s live, and come to the very first live seminar that I’ve done online for free for I don’t know how many years, maybe five or six years since I’ve done one, then I’d love for you to be there. Sound good? Great. To get to that seminar, you’ve got to get this book so come along. I’d love to see you there.

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