What you focus on is what you get to the EXCLUSION of everything else, or as my wife always says…

“Think good carpark, get good carpark”


If your results stink then there is a fair chance that it is because

Video Transcription:

Hi, welcome back. There’s an old saying in business and business coaching that what you focus on is what you get. Let’s talk about that.

Well, hi and welcome back. It’s Grant here. Welcome to Business Breakthrough. If this is your first time, it’s nice to see you. But if you’re here every time I do a video, I just want to say, thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you’re here all the time.

You’ll notice the last couple of videos have been a lot shorter. I’ve been listening to your feedback. I’ve been watching the stats and most of you are watching for a minute or two minutes so I’m going to try to keep these videos even shorter and put more content, more usefulness into these as quickly as I can. Sound good? Great. Let’s go.

So what you focus on is what you get to the exclusion of everything else is the NLP presupposition that we’re taught as business coaches. And by the way, if you have a business coach, ask them if they know about all of this stuff because it’s really useful. If you don’t have a business coach, nice to meet you. So what you focus on is what you get. Now, what that means is that what you think about is what will help you to take more action. Here’s how it works.

So, from your values, which are your highest level rules for living your life, from your values comes your beliefs. And whatever you believe is what you believe, and that’s between you and you. So from your beliefs comes your thoughts. Now, this is where we need to pause for a second. It’s your thoughts that help you to create all of your action steps. So whatever you think about is what you take action on, and whatever you take action on is what will get you results. So let’s go to all thoughts for a moment, let’s call them “decisions”. So it’s decisions multiplied by actions that equal your results. If you don’t know about how to make decisions, so for example if you don’t have good goal setting tools or you’re not working with a coach and you just go around and around in your thoughts, and one thought bump into another thought, and they’re not really helping each other out very much, then maybe it’s time you start to talking to someone. Let me give you something for nothing.

This here is an e-book that I wrote recently. I would love you to have a copy. It’s only six pages and it will help you with the thought part. Now, I can’t help you right now with the values part but I can down the track. But right now, the thoughts part, I can definitely help you with. The higher the quality your thinking, the higher the quality your results. Your decisions multiplied by your actions will give you your results and your decisions come from your thinking. Your thinking comes from your beliefs. Your beliefs come from your values, and your values will come from your environment. If we can help you create a better environment, then you will have better results. Pretty simple, right? So let’s create a great environment for you.

Here’s the e-book. Go ahead and grab it. The link is in the description of this video below, and what I’m going to do for you is once you’ve grabbed the e-book, I’ll be running a free seminar in the next couple of weeks. And it will be a webinar, online so you can attend from anywhere in the world, and I will send you a personal invitation to that webinar once you got this e-book. The e-book’s free, the webinar’s free, it’s all free. The videos here are free. Everything’s free for you. So I want to help you if you would like to. Grab the e-book and I’ll shoot you an email in the next week or so and you get a personal invitation to a very limited seating webinar that will only be running once. So make sure you get on board so you don’t miss out for the future of your business and your results.

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