I wanted to talk to you about procrastination. You know there’s a whole lot of reasons that people like you, don’t get stuff done.

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Today I wanted to talk to you if you’re a procrastinator, and I’m going to hopefully help you out with that. So, I’m just going for a walk, just outside my house. This is what it looks like out here. It’s a nice day today, I get to wear sunglasses for a change, I hope you don’t mind. I do have eyeballs behind here, but it’s kind of bright. And it’s been kind of dark lately, but beautiful blue skies, nice weather for bare sleeves.

I wanted to talk to you about procrastination. You know there’s a whole lot of reasons that people like you, don’t get stuff done. One of the big reasons is going to be because in your life, you’ve perhaps not been as successful as you wanted to be. Or perhaps it’s been because your dad, or your mom, or whoever raised you, or your teachers told you, or you had evidence that success or at least what you’re imagining as success isn’t going to be possible.

But, I want you to remember a couple of things. So, short of shaking you out of it today, because I can’t physically reach through the screen as much as I probably would like to some days, and shake the crap out of you and tell you, while bitch-slapping you a whole heap of times that you can do this and to stop thinking negative thoughts, and stop feeding into crappy thoughts.

What I want to remind you is you’ve just got one chance, because you’ve only got the chance to make a difference for one generation. And you’ve got to know this. Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re good at, and I don’t know what that is. It’s going to be different for everyone. Whatever you’re good at, however, you can make a difference, you’ve only got the chance to do it and make a difference for one generation. And then if you’re good at it and you make a bit of a splash, well you’ll then be remembered for another generation.

But then after that, you’re going to be forgotten. So, really you got a whole total of 60 years, you know we’re in 2016 at the moment. You’ve got a total of 60 years to make a difference and be remembered for making a difference, so why is it that you want to procrastinate?

Well different people procrastinate for different reasons. Some people, in fact most people, that I meet who are procrastinators, are procrastinators because they are perfectionists. They’ve got this idea that perfectionism is in their head, they know where they want to be and they’re big goal setters, and that’s cool, be a big goal setter. But, you ever realise that to get to the goals that you set for yourself, you’ve got to do the small action steps in between? And some of those will suck. Some of those you’ll fail at. And some of those you’ll start and then finish and start and then stop and start and then give up.

But you’ve got to do the small action steps to get to the big goals. But some people quit after they felt the first little touch of pain, because they go straight back into that old mindset, telling themselves that it’s not possible. I’m just going to check, there’s a comment here. Paul says he lives for this. Awesome. Hi Paul. Paul’s a cool guy. I see him around occasionally in Hobart. He’s a cool guy. He gets it.

So, some people give up after the first bit of pain. Then, there are other people. And those other people, they’re so busy looking at other people’s lives that they are so affected by the comparison model, that they forget that there’s other people looking at their lives doing the same. So why not just get focused on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, where you’re going, what you want, and stop focusing on what you don’t have, and start focusing on what you currently created, what you currently have, and also where you’re going.

As far as the third group of people, they’ve just got no clue on where they’re headed. They don’t know the value they have in their life. And they just keep going around and around the same mountain, and they don’t realise their true potential. And maybe nobody’s spoken that into their lives. I’m really fortunate. I’ve got people that speak into my life all the time, and people that encourage me all the time. And through their encouragement, that helps me to be an encourager and to do the same to you, which is what I’m doing today.

But if you’re a procrastinator, what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen if you just went out and did something remarkably brave today? And stepped out and allowed yourself to be seen for the incredible and remarkable person that you are?

And that’s what I want you to know today. You are incredible. You are incredible. You are remarkable. There’s only one you. And you’re amazing. You’re beautiful. You’re incredible. You’re smart. You’re funny. You’re intelligent. You’re creative. You can love people. You can care for people. And sure you’ve had maybe some hurts in your life, but you are amazing. So why not instead of comparing yourself to other people, telling yourself that old story over and over again.

Why don’t you get out there today and do something brave? Do something bold. Forget about failure, because we all fail on some level at certain things. But focus on how you can make a difference. Focus on who you can help. Why don’t you go help somebody? Make a difference. Be incredible. Be you. Get paid, I haven’t said that for a while. Be yourself. Get paid. Just go ahead and make a remarkable difference in people’s lives.

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