Sales Success – Whatever you’re working towards, whatever you’re dreaming of, you’ve got to keep going

So anyway, here’s what I want to talk to you about today. I have seen far too many posts this last week, two, weeks, you know what probably this year. Far too many posts on the “Here are 6 simple things you need to do if you want to make 10 million dollars in the next 5 minutes.” “Here’s 3 simple easy steps to making blah in however long.”

I’ve seen enough of them, and I get enough of them in my inbox to make me honestly, they make me just not believe them. And you know I had a conversation about this with a friend the other day, and we were talking directly about Tony Robbins, and the kind of big seminars and big things that people go to because they want to get rich quick. They want a magic pill. And they want, they almost want to blame the coach or blame the Guru, or blame the person that they’re buying off, if their life doesn’t turn out to be amazing straight away after going to these things.

I think a lot of people turn up and go to these seminars because they think it’s going to fix them, and they think it’s going to stop their life from turning into absolute chaos and crap. Or maybe it’s going to put more money into their bank account or improve their business somehow, just by turning up and buying a ticket. Or just by buying a program. It’s like, thinking that buying a gym membership and not pumping the heavy weights, and not running on the treadmill, and not fixing your diet and all that is going to make you fit. It’s a ridiculous notion. But unfortunately this is what I’m finding more and more of.

I just did an amazing, remarkable conference and you know in one day I earned more money than what the average Australian does in a year. And it was cool, I’m really grateful. I’m humbled by what I’m able to do. But I’m going to tell you something guys, I’ve worked so freaking hard. I had so many knock-backs, so many setbacks. You don’t know about the first four or five years of poverty, where you’ve got to keep turning up with no money in the account. Turning up, hoping to make a difference in people’s lives. You have no idea what it’s like probably yet.

Those conversations you have with yourself when you want to quit and give it all away because people aren’t listening, but you’ve got to keep turning up. It’s hard work. It’s really hard work. It’s not like a physically demanding, heavy lifting hard work, its mentally draining. It’s mentally tiring. It takes a whole kind of new discipline to keep turning up when there are thousands of assholes telling you that you shouldn’t.

And I guess I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to quit. Whatever you’re working towards, whatever you’re dreaming of, you’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to keep working hard. If you keep working hard you will break through. If it’s important enough for you to do, you will break through. If you make it important enough will break through. You will get to moments where you feel like you can’t break through, but I promise you, you will break through. But, you have to keep going. You have to keep at it. You have to stick with it.

Thank you for the likes, thank you for the thumbs up, and for the hearts for those of you who are doing that as well. You know when I get thumbs up, when I get likes, when I get hearts it encourages me. I’m at this end of the camera encouraging you guys. I love it when I get little likes and little hearts, it encourages me. Just like you, I’m a person. Just like you I have feelings and emotions when you get it. Thank you for that heart. Awesome.

But you know if you’re in the game, whatever you’re doing if you’re in it for the likes, you’re not in it for the right reason. I like getting the likes, but I’m not in it for the likes.

But I tell you, I’m not in it for the likes. Here’s what I’m in it for. I’m in it for you. I said this from stage on Saturday and I’ll say it again right now…

If you can’t love people, stop doing what you’re doing now. If you can’t find a way to make everything you’re doing about other people, if you’re only making this about you, stop today. Just stop. Cause you will be broke. You will be unhappy. And you will never ever ever be able to maintain your energy levels. But if you make it about others, you get out there and serve everyone else with this amazing abundance that you’ve got, and I promise you, you’ll be able to sustain that difference-making ability, that you wanted to do when you first started out.

So I trust that this is for you today. I don’t even know, there are hundreds of people. I would even say the last video I did was like 500 or 600 people saw it and I don’t know what you guys do with this information, so tell me what you’re doing with this information. I want to hear from you. Start to have a conversation with me. Start to ask me some more questions and ill help you even more.

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