There are six core needs of every single human being on Earth.  If you don’t know what they are then how can you offer your client or customer what they are looking for?

Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome back to Business Breakthrough! Did you know that every single person on earth is just looking to have six core needs fulfilled? If you knew what they were, would your business grow?


Hi! It’s Grant here and welcome back to Business Breakthrough. Again, we’re just going to whip through today. I’ll let you know six things that people are looking for from you. And by knowing these six things, you’ll be able to tweak your marketing, change your copywriting, change your content so that you can have a better understanding of what people are looking for. Cool?


So, it goes like this. It’s certainty, it’s number one. Uncertainty is number two. Significance is number three. Connection or love is number four. Growth is number five. And contribution is the last thing. But the first four are really important. Let’s have a look at what certainty is all about.


People want to be able to know you, like you, and trust you. I talked about that a lot in business, since that trust that you want to be able to focus on first and foremost. People are looking for certainty and guarantee in whatever it is they’re purchasing. People work hard for their money, yes, so hard for it, honey. People work really hard for their money, right? They exchange time, they sacrifice time away from their friends, family, and kids so they can get a small amount of money to be exchanged for something that’s going to take them out of pain. Some people buy cigarettes and alcohol, some people buy Netflix and go to the movies and buy popcorn, or cars and motorcycles. I’m just looking around at what I buy – cars and motorcycles.


But I also like coaching. I have several business coaches that I choose to help me, but the only reason that I pay money with them is because I have absolute certainty that they’ll get me the results. A lot of the reasons are fairly simple. I’ve seen testimony after testimony, I’ve seen their content and so on, that I’ve got certainty in them. People are looking for certainty.


Second thing they want is uncertainty and variety. I know that the first one kind of contradicts the second one, but they want some surprise in their life, they want to have something nice, the exact same reason that you like getting presents or flowers or chocolates or a holiday or anything like that. People like surprises and people like to be delighted. So, for you, your job is to exceed the expectations of your clients and know that they’re looking for certainty baseline, and then over and above that. So, your job is to make sure that that uncertainty is a very positive experience indeed.


Third one is significance. Very, very important, especially when you’re marketing in your business. It’s all about who? Them, not you. It’s never about you. It’s always about them, so make sure that when you’re attracting people into your business, that you make it about them. Speak about them. One of my early mentors said that whenever you’re writing any sort of marketing, whenever you’re doing any sort of copy, whenever you’re doing anything, even like this video, just as I’m doing now, imagine you’re speaking to one person, which is exactly what I’m doing now. I’m speaking to you, and you alone. I’m not speaking to an entire group or a crowd. It’s just you and me, and that’s what will help you to attract more people into your business. Okay?


The last two. Growth. People want to grow, but people want to grow slow, so make sure that that growth is very achievable, that you’re just taking them in small steps. The way I tell the story is when I ran up Mount Wellington, which is a 1.6-meter mountain – yes, whoop! I’m there! – It’s a 1.6-kilometre elevation that was a 25 or 26-kilometre foot race. It’s called the Point to Pinnacle. I’ve ran it twice now. Didn’t win, but don’t worry, but I ran the race. And the way I ran it, the way I completed it was one step at a time. The old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Same exact thing. The growth that you help your clients or your customers to get needs to be small steps and incremental. Right? Don’t make them choke on the growth.


The last thing is contribution. Contribution, generosity, and be a part of something that’s bigger than you. I’ve been teaching this for years. You know, in my business, we donate a lot of money out. We have Compassion Australia as our charity. We got six beautiful sponsored kids, and we give as much as we can to our community. Contribution is a huge part of your attraction strategy and your attraction model.


And if you’re doing that, great. If you’re taking care of all those six core needs, terrific. But if you’re not putting it up the front of your marketing, then let me encourage you today to definitely do that. Shift things around. Don’t let people find out about it later. Make sure you’re putting it up front. Cool?


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