Being a Small Business owner has its upsides. For one, there is nobody telling you what to do, no dress code (unless you want one), flexible working hours and you can write your own paycheque. Well… that’s what you thought it would be like anyway. If you knew what it would really be like, would you have started in the first place?
Just like running a marathon (as one of my clients just has) you tell yourself it will be worth it in the end. The pain is fleeting and you are one amongst the crowd so you can see you are not alone.
Everyone starts from the same line and finishes at the same line in a marathon, but not so in business. There are many different levels of fitness and experience from the get go and there are few who even finish the race. Everyone starts the journey with the vision of crossing the line, but few do and many pull up sore along the way and record a DNF.
So how do you finish the race? What sort of special power do you need and how can you get your name on the leaderboard in business?
1. Know where the finish line is.
When I start working with business owners, very close to 100% of them do not have goals. Now… they HAD goals when they started, but now for some reason they have decided that they can run around in circles and still think they are going somewhere. Goals are good! If you do not have them, you will be running the race for no reason. Goals give you a purpose.
2. Pace Yourself.
As a coach, I am always listening out for the pace of my client. Do they need to think bigger or do they need to think smaller? Where are they stuck and how can I help them get unstuck? You may have set a goal which is just too darned big for your little stumpy legs [talking to myself here] to carry you! You might be a sprinter trying to run a marathon or vice versa. You may be the right runner in the wrong race. Simply put, you may need to focus on smaller projects or enable a team to work towards bigger ones. Check your pace.
3. Know who you are running against.
I am not the world’s greatest runner, nor am I the world’s number one business man. That honour goes to Branson, Jobs, Gates and probably Musk. I know who my competition is and I look to run just a little faster than them and just a little more efficiently. When you run your business this way, and not in a way where you are comparing yourself to the 7 and 8 figure businesses ahead of you, your growth becomes incremental and sustainable. Who knows!! You might even catch them one day, but be realistic and make sure you don’t have your ambitions and your capabilities mixed up. You can always upskill as you go and become better, so be encouraged!!
4. Ignore The Crowd.
The crowd is fickle and they will change their tune depending on what is in front of them. One minute you hear them cheering for you, the next minute they are silent. Your energy should not come from the crowd. This is like putting your money with a problem gambler for safe keeping. The highs and lows the crowd provide are only exciting when you are a part of the crowd, so you must decide where you stand. If you want to be a part of the crowd, be prepared to move with them, but if you are out in front you are more vulnerable so you must discipline yourself to not be swayed by the fickle nature of the crowd.
5. Listen to Your Coach.
How mad is it when you talk to people who have purchased a gym membership and they never go to the gym? What about registering for the race, getting your bib with the number on it and then heading straight for the pub? There are business owners out there (probs not you) who have read all the books and been to all of the seminars and they still don’t implement what they have learned. This is more widespread than you think and I call it the fear of success!
Imagine the pressure of winning every single race you entered?! You win once and they expect you to win again and again, so you only kinda half listen to the advice in front of you and only apply a small portion of it.
If you want to win, you listen to the person who has your best interests at heart and if you want to run last, you listen to the voice of doubt in your head. Which one is louder for you?
The journey of a Business Owner is not an easy one, but it is worth it in the end.
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