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Grant Mullen Travels from Hobart [Tasmania]

Speaking Fee $3000 – $5000


Engage Grant Mullen as a speaker for a high energy, high impact, high humour and content rich presentation.
Grant has been a business coach, mentor and speaker since 2008, and always leaves his audience feeling encouraged.

At a time when the word “overwhelm” is used all too often in business, and just when it seems that every cookie cutter presentation seems the same as the next, Grant brings a breath of fresh air to your next conference, or event.

As a professional coach, human behavioural specialist, and speaker – Grant has identified the three key areas of frustration in any business owner’s life and individual’s circumstance, and he speaks life into these areas.

Grant has a real knack of balancing “keeping it real” with thorough professionalism and he uses a combination of audience engagement, storytelling and tangible tools to get his message to stick with the audience.

People listen to Grant because of his authenticity.  He has walked his own talk and he is evidence of his own teaching.  There is no shortage of passion when he speaks and his straightforward approach breaks down the “invisible wall” between the stage and the audience in seconds.  It’s not a keynote address, it’s a really great conversation with Grant and the audience.

Grant is the founder of “The 90 Day Business Transformation” – a leveraged coaching model that his clients [nationally and internationally] are enrolled in, so that they can have rapid results in going their business.  Grant believes that it only takes a short period of time for change to occur, and that the key to business success is through knowing who you are, knowing precisely who your clients are, and getting super clear on your message.  It’s not always an easy road, but it is a fulfilling one.

Grant’s mission is to encourage everyone to lead a truly authentic life, and to always push through the tough times to get to the glory that lies ahead.

Grant is no stranger to adversity, and he speaks on the topic of pushing through pain from firsthand experience.


Pushing Through The Boundary Edge.

The world has changed significantly in the last decade, and if we follow the same rules that got us to where we are to get us to the next step, then we will find ourselves severely limited.  We need to know where we are headed, who we are, and how to get there.  Most of us head off without a map, and wonder why we get lost.  It’s a simple process to create the map, and follow it.  Being stuck on an island, looking out into the distance and hoping we can someday get to the next island can be frustrating and lonely.  Grant will show you how you can navigate dangerous territory and get to the next island safely.

Loving Your Customers

Grant has done the legwork when it comes to loving people.  Since the tender age of 14, Grant has been mentored and nurtured by some of the best business owners in the country.  He began his journey with Just Jeans in 1988 and was encouraged by founder Craig Kimberly to become one of the best sales people in the country.  Later – Grant became the number #1 salesman for International Icon, L’Oreal and was their “Grande Champion” in 2002.  Since 2003, Grant has been self employed, and he shares the struggle of how to balance your love for people, with your desire for making money.
You most valuable asset in your business is people.  In fact, they are your currency.  You must never focus solely on the money; when you do, the money will never come.  Instead [Grant Teaches] focus on the people, and help them solve their biggest problem.

Purpose Over Process

You want your team to be excuse free, and you all want to feel as though you have more time.  Grant will show you how you can have more time, money and freedom by following a few simple steps within a well thought out framework.  These days, most of us feel like we are spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.  The frustrating and never-ending balance between family, work, activities and health leaves us feeling tired, trained and often worthless.  The question “why do I bother” comes up too often in your team’s lives.  Grant wants to give you back a hope, a purpose and he will show you and your team how to get back “on mission”


Kingdom Business


Christian Business Owners, and Directors struggle with the balance of Faith vs Action in the business world.  How do you balance your faith, in a world that is dominated by worldly things, results, and money.
The Bible teaches us that God wants us to be successful, and happy.  There are key biblical principles that Grant will help you understand as vital to your business, as well as key business, and sales strategies that will work for you, serve your bottom line, as well as serve your local community.
Absolute Passion combined with laser focussed skill.  Grant will deliver a game changing keynote for you, and your team.



I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have heard Grant speak on many occasions. I have been impressed by not only his delivery but the depth of his knowledge regardless of his subject matter. His ability to engage and captivate his audience is second to none. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Anthony Rowlings

PGA Professional & Small Business Owner, Antony Rowlings Professional Golfer

Grant is a rare person when it comes to passion and business.  The thing that strikes me most about Grant is that he has a sheer desire to help those he knows he can. His intention and desire is always to serve and he can do this in a variety of ways! Coaching, speaking, training etc!  Take this opportunity to experience his servants heart first hand!

Lisa Wiking

Managing Director, Motivational Leadership

I was very fortunate to have Grant come out to talk to my advanced students within my dance school. The students gained so much from the experience and left the room inspired and motivated. Personally Grant opened my eyes greatly on how I can succeed in my business and and what I needed and life. Grant is such a genuine person and really does care to help others out. Thank you Grant. Xx

Jenina Evans

Founder & Principal , Jenina's Dance Workshop.

I’ve heard many speakers over my 30 years in the workforce and 20 years in business. I have a huge range of experience and constantly focus on developing my skills and keeping my head and attitude in the best space it can for success. I don’t want to come across ungrateful but it takes a lot for me to learn something these days – even though I go into each speakers session or workshop or course looking for something to learn. When I first heard Grant Mullen present I was immediately engaged, stimulated and yearning to learn more. Grant kind of makes you want to be better at everything – he stretches you in a fathers heart kind of way. I have now heard Grant speak 3 times and would drop everything to hear him again

Cathy Stacey

Director, Step Into Life Victoria

We have recently had Grant Mullen speak to our clients within our Bartercard network.  Grant’s honesty and openness was well received and helped our clients to think a little more outside the box.  Grant has the ability to challenge without scaring you, as he brings reason and solution to everyday business hurdles.  I am so happy to have such a business as the Mullen Group within our network, as it is strengthening our company and building our credibility.

Damon McDermott

State Manger, BarterCard

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