How do you stop stress when life becomes a blur? How do you keep your thoughts on a straight and narrow path?


Find out how you can get the tools you need and remove stress from your life – especially if you are a business owner.

Video Transcription:

Good day and welcome back! You know, these last few weeks, I’ve had a bunch of people email me and write it and even stop me on the street, asking me how to remove stress. Let’s have a look.


Good day! It’s Grant here and welcome back to Business Breakthrough. Let’s talk about how you can remove stress. You’re a business owner, you’ve got a busy life, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on. And let me guess, a lot of it’s up in your head. So many times, I meet with business owners for the first time and I say to them very quickly, “Show me your plan. Show me your plan for business, for marketing, and a whole bunch of other stuff.” And they’re like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve got a plan.” And I say, “Great! Let’s see it.” And they can’t show it to me. Why? Because it’s all up in the head, in their head.


And the head is kind of like a computer. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a MacBook Air and when the desktop is full and the hard drive’s full and I’m working on a bunch of stuff all at once, the computer sort of slows down, and when I go to open a file and it thinks and I get that little pinwheel of death. Horrible.


Your neck-top computer, that six-kilo weight that’s sitting on your shoulders, that’s the same kind of thing. So, what do you do? Well, your brain’s kind of like this. Imagine my two fists are the two hemispheres of your brain. You’ve got your unconscious mind and your conscious mind. I know, for the psychologist watching this, this isn’t like medically accurate, but for the sake of the exercise, it’s accurate enough. Unconscious mind, conscious mind, right?


So, you have a thought, it happens in your conscious mind, you don’t do it straight away, goes into your unconscious mind. Two in the morning, while this mind here, your conscious mind, is asleep, your unconscious mind, which is like a five-year old, goes, “Ahh! Let’s play! Let’s party!” And you wake up and you have those 2:00 A.M. moments. You go, “Right. I got to remember to do that tomorrow.” You park it in your conscious mind, your conscious mind goes back to sleep, and the unconscious mind starts to really knock at the door again, and that’s what’s called stress.


Well, so to avoid this stress of this imbalance between your conscious and your unconscious mind, all you need is a really great planning tool, and that’s what I provide in Business Breakthrough. I’d love you to have it, but to get there, you’ve got to get this. So, first of all, I’d love for you to just download a copy of my latest ebook. It’s right here. Go ahead and download it. This is what it looks like. There are six pages to it. Go through the six pages and then, in about 14 days from now, I’ll be having the first that I’ve had for ages, the first public free webinar, if you guys can come along too, where I’ll not only be talking about great planning and great time management, but I’ll be showing you how you can solve some of the biggest problems in your business.


So, if you want that, the first step is to get this book. Get the book, have a read, look through it. If you like the way I do things and you like the way I talk about it, the next step is to come along to my free webinar. It’ll be happening in a couple of weeks from now. The link is in the description below. Make sure you book in for that because seats are limited. We’ve only got a small number that we can have on this. We will be recording the webinar, but you want to be on it 100% live so you could ask me questions as we go through. Cool? So, if you want to hang out together, this is your big opportunity to do it. Grab the book, and I’ll see you on the webinar in a couple of weeks’ time.


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