This popular meme has been doing the rounds and if you are a business owner you would have probably missed it because you never have time to go looking around on FB. And this is why I am writing this article. Your world is on fire and this is not fine!!

I have just about heard everything in my career as a coach but of the millions of different stories, reasons and excuses every business owner will tell me all boil down to three major categories…

I have no time
I have nobody to help me
I have no money

Sometimes these statements are true, most times they are complete BullShart.

Let’s address them one at a time…

1. I have no time. BULLSHART!! You have 24 hours in the day, just as I do. You have a clock numbered 1 -12 where the little hand does 2 laps per day in the same way the Prime Minister does and the guy in the rice paddy in China does. The BIG problem is, you are UNWILLING to change!! UN WILLING. Not unable, not can’t…. frikkin WON’T.
The reason you won’t change is because of one big fear and one big reality. The fear is based around money and the reality is based around team.
The problem isn’t that you have no time, the problem is that you believe [without evidence] that if you pulled yourself away from doing flipping every single darned thing in your business that you would go broke or that it would cost you dearly.
O.K. so maybe it will cost you a tiny bit more in the beginning, but how much longer can you possibly go on for? Do you want them to drag your dead body out from under the desk one day just so you can say you worked harder than everyone else? For goodness’ sake. Wake up and smell the coffee!!
You have GOT to quit some stuff.
You are probably right about not having the team though. You have been so busy doing everything yourself that you can’t see a way out from under the pile of do do doing you have created.

Step one is to QUIT some stuff and hand it over. Do it now and do it 100% well. No half measures.

2. TEAM…
Simple solution… either scale back so you CAN do it all yourself or hand over all of the stuff you hate and scale the heck up. Chances are, you are already paying a team of people around you to get things done and you are doing their work as well as yours. It makes NO sense to have a business you want to grow and you are not willing to step out of it. There is no excuse of “can’t find staff” with the high unemployment we have in 2017 and the only reason you can’t find the right staff is because you don’t want to let go and you have no structure. Make it!! It takes five minutes to an hour. It is the best time you will spend on your business.
The flip side of team is that you have dead weight in your business and someone dragging you down. Cut the chain on that anchor, seriously!! Do it as a matter of absolute importance. Do it now.
By the way, how is your focus? If your focus is split then decide what you will dump and dump it fast.

3. Money.
You don’t have money troubles, you have decision troubles. You have made some bad ones and this has lead to relationship troubles which has lead you to money troubles. You have either got bad relationships with your staff, your customers, your suppliers or yourself. This is not helping you make good decisions and this means you are either spending too much money to fix a problem which will only ever get worse or you are not asking people for money [making sales] You are probably poorly organised [poor relationship with yourself] and you have trouble thinking your way out of it.
Money is a symptom of relationship health. You can quote me on that one.

So… if you are sitting in a business right now and the place is on fire, what are you going to do about it?

Comment below if any of this resonates for you or anyone you know.

I am here to help