How do you write NATURAL sales copy that people want to read?


We call it the #KitchenConversation and it is quite a natural and non salesy, non sleasy and very easy kinda way to have a chat with your marketplace. Think of it as the way you would invite a friend to the movies with you on a Thursday night.

Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome back! You’ve been asking me how you write blogs and Facebook copy that people what to read and people will like. Here’s how you do it.


Hi! It’s Grant here. Welcome back to Business Breakthrough. You know, blogging and running posts on Facebook and all of these things, they weren’t even around 10 years ago. They weren’t a thing that you had to learn. You know, back when I very first started business for the first time here, it was 2003, but even before that, I’ve been in business since the 90s and managing different sorts of business. The hardest thing that we had to do back then was write a letter or maybe put an ad in the local paper, right? And it wasn’t like it is now, but there’s a whole another skill set to learn, isn’t there? And here’s how you do it. It’s really quite simple.


So, my wife has just started her own business, which is so, so cool. She started blogging. is her website if you want to go check it out. We’ve started blogging and I’m helping her out. She’ll write the blog, then she’ll say, “Hey Grant,” or “Babe, check it out. Do you think this is any good?” One of the things that’s quite natural for a person who’s just perhaps started in business is to be a little bit salesy, and that language will come across if you’re not careful.


So, here’s how you write a blog. First of all, imagine that your best friend is standing in front of you and you’re going to ask your friend to come to the cinemas with you on Thursday night. Not Tuesday night because it’s half-price tickets, Thursday night. And you just want to be very natural with the conversation. So, it will be like, “Hey, the new blah movie is coming up and I’ve got a spare ticket. I was wondering if you might like to come with me.” The friend will respond, you will respond, and you’ll have a conversation.


But it won’t be like this. “Great news. Here are the three to five secret solutions for me to show you how you can get a movie ticket right now. The number three will blow your mind.”6 That’s not how you ask a friend to do something with you. So, your marketing copy needs to be quite conversational and very, very natural, as if you’re talking to your very best friend.


So, we call it the Kitchen Conversation, #kitchenconversation. If you want to comment below, let me know what you think with the hashtag, just like a kitchen conversation. On a Tuesday night, we hold a group at our house. It’s called Alpha, and on Tuesday night, after the Alpha course, we hang out in the kitchen and we have a chat. And we’ve got Lizzie and Leonie and Mark and we’ve got a whole bunch of people. We’ve got about 10 to 15 people come to our house to Tuesday night. We’ve been doing this for years. And on that Tuesday night, we have a chat. And it’s like, “Hey, what’s been up? What’s been going on in your week? What’s new for you?” And so on. It’s just a casual conversation.


That’s the template we use for writing our blogs and our copy, and we get, and my wife for example, in one week, she’s had 200 subscribers to her blog and to her new Facebook page. So, let me tell you, this stuff works.


So, what about you and your copy? What sort of helped you? Well, let met help you even further. Here is a free ebook for you. That’s the picture of it just there. There are six pages. It’s very easy. I want you to have it. The link for this book is in the description below. Once you’ve got that book in your hands and you’ve had a read and you’ve understood it, I will send you an invitation. That invitation will be to a free webinar that I’ve got coming up in a couple of weeks’ time.


I’ll be honest with you. In between this video and when I’m doing the webinar, I’m having an overseas trip, so I’ll be very relaxed by the time I get back. I may even have a tan. If you saw what was going on out there at the moment here, it’s the middle of winter in Tasmania. It’s basically Antarctica. I have penguins in my garden right now. So, if you would like to join me after my holidays, grab this book now and I’ll send you a personal invitation straight to your inbox so you can get a seat. There are only a hundred spaces on this webinar, and I’d love for you to have one of those spaces. Cool?


So, no matter where you are in the world, you can watch it. It’s just as easy as clicking a button and opening up your laptop or iPad. You can even watch it on your iPhone as well. So, I really want to see you there. Sound good? Great! So, let’s do that.


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